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What is the 0.25% Return Plan?

The Return Plan rewards customer loyalty. Every year we’ll give you a gross payment of 0.25% of the total assets in your Bankinter pension plans/EPSVs.

The bonus is paid annually on 15 February.

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Calculation, payment and date of the bonus

On 15 February each year, Bankinter will pay a gross bonus of 0.25% of the total assets that the unit holder has in their pension plans/EPSV at the end of 31 December of the immediately preceding year, providing that the requirements are met. The payment will be subject to the tax withholding set in law.

Modification and cancellation

Bankinter reserves the right to alter any of these general terms and conditions or cancel the programme, at any time. Any exercise by Bankinter of such actions will not give rise to any compensation in favour of the affected parties, without prejudice to the rights accrued up to that moment.

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