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Life annuities

If you want peace of mind for your future, do something about it now

We offer a range of life annuities, i.e. life-savings insurance, that guarantee you a regular income throughout your life, with different coverage possibilities in the event of death to suit your needs and help you maintain your quality of life when you retire.

  • Plan your savings and get them back in the form of income.
  • And get good tax benefits on your regular income, especially if you arrange it when you are 66 years old or over.

Rentas vitalicias

Invest in life annuities: a form of investment with double the advantages.

A good yield on your investments plus tax deductions.


Different types adapted to your needs.

Renta vitalicia estabilidad futura
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Future stability life annuity

If you want to ensure capital for your loved ones with guaranteed fixed-rate interest while taking advantage of tax benefits.
Renta vitalicia capital

Capital Annuity

If you want more regular income but your priority is to preserve 90%, 80% or 70% of your capital for your beneficiaries in the future.
Renta vitalicia capital fallecimiento

Decreasing capital life annuity in case of death

If you want more fixed income for the rest of your life.
Renta vitalicia capital 50-0

50-0 Capital Annuity

If you are over 65 years old and want to enjoy tax exemptions on any capital gains that you make on asset transfers.

Want to know more about life annuities?

Quickly find the answers to all your questions about life annuities: what they are, the benefits, etc.


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