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Export documentary credit

Greater security. Less work. More competitiveness.

Export documentary credit is a payment obligation issued by a financial institution to guarantee the collection of your exports, provided that the documents in question are all in order and presented on time.
Crédito documentario de exportación bankinter empresas.

What are your advantages as an exporter:


With a bank guarantee, your company eliminates the collection risk.

Peace of mind

Because the country and bank risk is reduced.


Once the export documentary credit has been confirmed, you can request the discount.
Descuento sin recurso de crédito documentario

Discount without documentary credit recourse

All the export documents in order? Discount without recourse approved!

And with our documentary export credit...

There are advantages for your customer as well:
Make the payment with the certainty that the documents are in order.
Set the deadlines and dates for provision of the services.
You can increase your negotiation margin.

You can perform and track all the export documentary credit transactions on our website.


  • History of transactions managed by Bankinter.
  • Credit portfolios in force.
  • Deadline for presentation of documents.
  • Collection date.
  • History of confirmed discounts without recourse.


  • Request for pre-review of documents.
  • Application for confirmed documentary credit discount.
  • Collection instructions.

See Export documentary credit conditions Export documentary credit conditions

The terms and conditions for export documentary credit are personalised and negotiated individually with each customer.


Is it possible to use a currency future to clear an export documentary credit?

Yes, we can. You can do this through your branch or our website.

Can I have a pre-review of the documents?

Yes. At Bankinter we give you a 24-hour pre-review which you can request online.

Is it possible to discount the confirmed letter of credit without consuming risk?

Yes, once we verify that the documents are all in order. It's one of the advantages.

Which channels can I use to discount the letter of credit?

You can do this through your branch or the website.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.