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Bankinter Investment


Responding with certainty to an uncertain scenario.

Bankinter Investment specialises in developing the best opportunities to meet the challenges of a volatile and uncertain environment like the one we currently face:

  • Uncertain returns in inflationary environments.
  • Limitations for business growth.
  • Lack of flexibility in financing.

We understand your company, and we offer you three courses of action

Alternative investment

Bankinter Investment detects the best investment opportunities and structures new vehicles as an alternative to traditional investment, making the most innovative solutions available to your company.

  • With attractive risk-return trade-offs.
  • With just the right amount of portfolio diversification.
  • Through real assets that generate predictable and recurring annual income.
  • In investment projects in relevant sectors of the economy, such as renewable energy, real estate, infrastructure, venture capital and the environment.
  • Through exclusive alliances with a select group of management partners.
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Inversión alternativa

With Bankinter Investment, you have the largest alternative investment manager in Spain available to your company.

Bankinter Investment Alternative Investment I Fund, VCR

Find out more about the Bankinter Investment Alternative Investment I Fund

Alternative investment

A different model.

Structured financing

We are committed to growing and developing our corporates in the strategic sectors of our economy, offering solutions adapted to the needs of today and financing projects in Spain and Portugal related to:

  • Energy and infrastructures.
  • Mortgageable assets.
  • Acquisitions and expansion plans.
  • Other corporate needs of companies.
Find out more about structured financing
Financiación estructurada
Asesoramiento corporativo

Corporate advisory services

We open up new pathways so your company can continue to grow, identifying global trends to adapt them to local needs.

  • With new avenues previously restricted to large corporations.
  • Offering solutions beyond the traditional banking market.
  • Delivering solutions for shareholding needs.
  • Providing options for property management.

Corporate advisory

Always looking for creative solutions.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.