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Cash pooling

Together, better.

Bankinter's Cash Pooling service allows you to automatically transfer balances between your company's accounts, improving your control and optimising your financial resources.
Cash Pooling

Avoid account overdrafts

The balances of the accounts are linked to each other, avoiding overdrafts in an account when the overall balance is positive.

Avoid using credit

Having a consolidated balance means you might not have to draw on your credit facility, reducing your financing costs.

Avoid idle balances

Make a return on peaks in your treasury, increasing the remuneration of the funds in your accounts.

Two situations, two solutions:

Cash Pooling service between Bankinter accounts.

Bankinter offers a range of netting structures, with various ways to improve the management of your company:

Balance consolidation

This adds together the balances of all your accounts to create a group balance. This enables accounts to be charged even when they have insufficient funds, if the group balance is sufficient.

Interest hedge

A structure that enables automatic transfers between accounts to cover current account overdrafts, drawings and overdrawing on credit accounts. This also lets you set maximum and minimum balances for your accounts.


This enables you to transfer selected movements and end-of-day balances, and to roll back movements to the following day and/or make lender/borrower settlements between the accounts involved.


This enables transfers between accounts based on their balances, transferring credit balances to positions with debit balances. You can transfer between Bankinter accounts with the same holder or between accounts with different holders, or use a “central” account to distribute all movements.


What is the priority for covering debit balances in Netting mode?

In this order: current account overdrafts, overdrawing on credit accounts and drawings on credit accounts.

What is the priority for application of credit balances in Netting mode?

In this order: credit account balances, current account balances and drawings on credit accounts.

What is an MT940 message?

A message in SWIFT format delivered every day with the movements for a company's bank account(s) or BIC. These messages are sent after 21.00, Madrid time.

What is an MT101 message?

A message using the SWIFT standard through which the parent of a customer requests a payment order from the bank.

What is MT942?

This is a SWIFT format message with which our customers can, with prior authorisation, receive account balances at specified times each day. An MT942 message is received for each account.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.