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Advance payment of invoices

If your company has earned it, why wait?

Get an advance on your invoices instead of waiting for them to mature. With our service, your company will gain liquidity and you'll cut down the time you spend on administration.
  • You can get an advance on your invoices the same day you apply.
  • And you can do it in the most convenient way possible: right here.
Apply for advance
Anticipo facturas

Get an advance on your invoices quickly and easily

Up to 100%

Your company will be able to get a full advance so you don't have to wait for the promissory note, cheque or transfer. .

Same-day advance

When you're in need of liquidity, speed is essential, so you'll get the advance the same day you apply for it. So neither your company nor your suppliers have to wait.

All right here

From the Bankinter Corporate website. The most convenient and easiest way is also the fastest way. Once you've arranged the service at your Bankinter branch, you can apply for invoice advances online.
Negocio internacional

International business

Are any of your invoices international?

In that case, we recommend a specific product: Bankinter export documentary credit.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.