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Confirminet suppliers

We all like being paid early. And that goes for your suppliers as well.

Which is why we've created Confirminet Suppliers. An invoice management service offered exclusively to our reverse factoring customers, through which your suppliers can collect their invoices before they fall due.
  • Your suppliers will have immediate financing.
  • Your company will gain their loyalty.
Confirminet proveedores

This is how Confirminet Suppliers works:

  • The Bankinter reverse factoring customer issues an invoice to a supplier.

  • The supplier receives a welcome letter, inviting them to register with Confirminet Suppliers.

  • Once the invitation is accepted, you'll be able to access the website and keep track of all your available invoices. Since it's a multi-company website, you'll be able to see all the invoices of the Bankinter customers whom you supply.

  • Your suppliers will have a history of all invoices, whether collected in advance or not, and will be able to keep track of them whenever they want, even if they don't bank with Bankinter.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.