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Reverse Factoring

You trust us, and they'll trust you.

The Bankinter Reverse Factoring service offers your suppliers the possibility of guaranteeing and advancing the collection of their invoices. A service with advantages for them and for you.

Advantages for your company:

Ventajas Confirming

Strengthen your image for your suppliers

In business, everyone wants to collect payment when it's due. Besides, respecting your due dates will enhance your company's bargaining power.

Less administrative burden

Once we receive your payment order, we'll take care of everything and inform you of each stage of the process.

You can finance your payments

When your invoices are due, you can finance payment if you want.

And you can “buy back” invoices

If your supplier has chosen to finance any of their invoices, we'll remunerate your company if you cancel that financing.

Plus, you will optimise your cash flow.

With the reverse factoring discount method, you eliminate the debt from the customer account without any CIRBE checks.

Benefits for your suppliers:

  • They will be assured the collection of their invoices.
  • They remove the debt from their customer account.
  • The financing is not reflected in their liabilities or with the CIRBE.
  • They can collect their invoices in advance at any time.
Confirming pronto pago

Prompt payment reverse factoring

Our Reverse Factoring range will improve your commercial and negotiating relationships:

Prompt payment reverse factoring

You can order a cash payment and we will finance the amount.

  • Once we receive the payment order, we'll process it within three days or less.
  • The financing process is undertaken on the same day the payment goes through.
Guaranteed reverse factoring

Your supplier is guaranteed collection of their invoice in exchange for a small fee.

  • Especially useful when the supplier is not in need of liquidity but does expect security.
  • A solution to improve trust, for example with new suppliers.
Guaranteed Reverse Factoring

In this case, you pay a small fee to guarantee payment to your supplier.

  • Improve your image with suppliers.
  • Strengthen your negotiating capacity.

Reverse Factoring: benefits for all parties in just three steps

Get all the perks in three easy steps.
  • Payment order

    Your company instructs us to pay on the designated date by bank cheque or transfer.

  • Beneficiary notification

    We confirm that the payment has been ordered and offer your supplier the option of collecting it in advance.

  • Your supplier has time to decide

    They can advance collection of their invoice at any time between the issue date and the maturity date.

See Factoring terms and conditions Factoring terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of service are personalised and we negotiate them individually with each customer.


Can I issue national and international payments in the same remittance?

Yes, you can include them in the same remittance?

Can I use the factoring service if I'm a non-resident?

Yes, but in this case the financing service will only be available to your suppliers.

Is it possible to send payments in foreign currency?

No, sorry.

In the case of the prompt payment factoring service, can invoices be financed for different terms?

Yes, you can arrange a tailored financing package up to the maximum authorised term.

Which channels are used to inform suppliers that the payment has been ordered?

By letter, email and SMS.

How does a supplier tell the bank they want to collect their invoices in advance?

We recommend using, although they can also let us know by phone, fax or through our branches.

In which languages is communication with suppliers available?

In Spanish, English and Italian.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.