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Collections management

May your business never stop moving.

We've designed a set of methods to make sure you collect your payments promptly and always have the liquidity you need, so your business never grinds to a halt. Discover the options for making and planning collections:
Gestión de cobros
Adeudos directos SEPA

SEPA direct debits

Present direct debits in any country of the SEPA region quickly and securely.
Anticipo Devolución IVA

VAT refund advance

Get your VAT refund up to 180 days in advance.
Anticipo de facturas

Advance payment of invoices

Get liquidity with advance collection of invoices issued to your customers.
Descuento Comercial

Commercial discount

Get advance collection of bills of exchange and promissory notes before they mature.


We manage the collection of your invoices issued to customers and offer financing of the amount with or without recourse.
Ingreso Cheques y Pagarés

Deposit of cheques and promissory notes

Deposit your cheques and promissory notes through our website conveniently and easily.


Our POS adapts to every business model to optimise your company management.
Banca a distancia

Remote banking

Ensuring your business never stops is even easier with our remote banking.

  • Online
  • Apps
  • WhatsApp
  • Telephone Banking
  • Currency Broker
  • Remote branch

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