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Trade Finance for Exporters

If you want to go far, remember that we are right here.

Remember, we can advance you the amount of the invoices issued to international customers and finance them in up to six months.
Financiación de exportaciones bankinter empresas

Export credit facility features

Say goodbye to the lag between collections and payments

You'll get the liquidity you need to meet your company's payment obligations: taxes, payroll, etc.

No exchange differences

Because when the credit facility is in the same currency as the collection, the exchange risk disappears.

6-month credit facility

You can collect your invoice payments in advance and finance them for up to six months.
Financiación exportaciones y comercio exterior bankinter empresas

You can do it right here.1

  • Choose the repayment term.
  • Choose a currency for your credit facility: euros or another currency.
  • Keep track of your transactions so you can make full use of your authorised credit limit.

Two export credit facility solutions for two key moments

Pre-financing option

When you have firm orders or agreements but haven't yet issued a commercial invoice and you need liquidity to pay for supplies.

Post-financing option

For exports where a commercial invoice has been issued but the collection is still pending. That way, you avoid the time lag between collections and payments.

See Export credit facility terms and conditions Export credit facility terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of our export credit facilities are personalised and negotiated individually with each customer.

Exchange rate risk associated with the currency.


Can I make an early cancellation?

Yes, can make an early cancellation at any time.

Is it possible to receive a payment and use currency forwards1 to pay an invoice?

Yes, we can.

Can I get an extension of my credit facility on past-due invoices?

If an invoice matures but hasn't been collected, Bankinter can extend the collection period for up to 30 days. If it still hasn't been collected after 30 days, the invoice amount will debited to your account.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.