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Seguros para empresas

Business insurance

You can be sure that you will find what your company needs.

Multi-risk business insurance

Insurance designed to protect your company against accidents, with coverages adapted to its activity:
  • Multi-risk business insurance
  • Multi-risk insurance for shops and offices
  • Multi-risk agricultural insurance

Civil liability insurance

A range of insurance products you can take out independently, and that complement each other:
  • General and professional.
  • Directors and managers.
  • Data protection.

Construction and decennial insurance

Coverages that protect you from the potential risks derived from construction, before and after the work is done:
  • Construction insurance.
  • Construction damage insurance.

Trade credit insurance

A custom-designed solution to protect your company against possible defaults on credit sales:
  • Risk prevention.
  • Debt collection.
  • Compensation.

Motor vehicle insurance

Motor vehicle insurance adaptable to all types of companies: SMEs, self-employed and company fleets, all with the guarantee of a leader: Línea Directa Aseguradora:
  • Insurance for cars and vans:
  • Motorcycles.
  • Industrial vehicles.

Seguros para equipos electrónicos y avería de maquinaria

La solución para asegurar el buen funcionamiento de tu empresa.
  • Equipos electrónicos.
  • Avería de maquinaria.

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