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Group accident insurance

Group protection, but also personalised.

This is our group accident insurance portfolio. Insurance to protect both your workers or employees and people who are part of non-business groups: sports associations, foundations, etc.

  • To comply with the obligation to keep your employees protected.
  • In order to voluntarily expand the coverage required in the agreements.
  • To provide a solution to companies that require specific coverage due to the particularity of their groups.
  • To be able to count on the peace of mind, speed and agility of procedures that Mapfre Life offers.
Seguro de accidentes para colectivos

Insurance that adapts to the different activities and coverage areas of each group

Group accident insurance “Mapfre Vida Agreement”

Compulsory insurance arranged by the different administrations, whose capitals and coverages are those established by the different sectoral agreements.

"Classic Mapfre Vida Modality"

Voluntary insurance with tailor-made coverage and guarantees, as agreed in the collective bargaining, the needs of the company or the group in question.

"Other Mapfre Vida collective accident insurance"

A selection of insurance to provide solutions to those companies and groups with specific needs: schools and universities, compulsory travel insurance, sports federations, NGOs, etc.

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Mapfre Vida Group Accident insurance allows for extensive guarantees and coverage to be taken out, adapting each policy to the customer's needs.

Among the most common guarantees are:

  • Accidental death.
  • Permanent disability due to accident according to scale.
  • Total occupational disability due to accident.
  • Absolute professional disability due to accident.
  • Major disability due to accident.

Among the most common coverages are:

  • 24 hours
  • Professional.
  • Extra-professional.

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Accident insurance policies for Mapfre Group is exclusively available to Bankinter customers that are companies, institutions or self-employed workers who are responsible for employees.

Payment methods:

Accident insurance policies for Mapfre groups offer three forms of premium payment: annual, half-yearly or quarterly.


What is group accident insurance?

It is insurances that offers different options or modalities depending on the activity and scope of coverage of each group of workers or company employees.

Who is this type of insurance for?

Mapfre Vida Group Accident Insurance is aimed at groups of people. They offer different options and types of insurance depending on the activity and scope of coverage of each group, and they adapt to the insurance needs of the policyholder.

In most cases they are designed for groups of workers or company employees, but they can also be established for other types of groups.

Am I required to take out accident insurance for my employees?

90% of companies in Spain have the obligation to outsource their pension commitments in insurance policies that cover at least the benefits and capital indicated in each of the agreements that affect the majority of the business fabric of Spain.

What happens if I don't have a compulsory policy?

In the event of an accident, not having a policy that covers the risks stated in the corresponding agreement can cause significant fines and serious infractions.

What benefits does insurance have for my company?

In addition to the most important aspect, which is to comply with current regulations, accident insurance for groups is a social benefit that is very well accepted by groups and, of course, having the peace of mind of having your staff protected during the coverage period established by the policy (professional field, non-professional field or 24-hour field).

What are the differences between the different modalities that Bankinter sells?

The main difference between the different types of Group Accident insurance marketed by Bankinter is that in the Agreement type, the insurance conditions are established based on the regulation that applies to the company, and with the other types, the conditions are totally flexible.

What is understood by “accident”?

We understand “accident” to be the bodily injury that derives from a violent, sudden, external cause that is beyond the intention of the insured person. Also, and for insurance purposes, accidents are considered:

  • Asphyxiation or internal injuries as a result of gases or vapours, immersion or submersion, or by ingestion of liquid or solid materials.
  • Infections derived from an accident covered by the policy.
  • Injuries that are the consequence of surgical interventions or medical treatments caused by an accident covered by the policy.
  • Injuries suffered as a result of legitimate defence.

Unless expressly agreed, “heart attacks and other analogous or similar cardiovascular or cerebrovascular episodes will not be considered an accident for insurance purposes.

Are there different types of disability?

The insured party may designate as many beneficiaries as they like and in whatever proportion they like. If they do not, the beneficiaries will be understood to be the insured party's legal heirs. They can also change their beneficiaries as often as they like.

  • Total permanent disability: irreversible physical situation determining the total inability to exercise normal profession or a similar activity typical of the training and professional knowledge of the insured party.
  • Absolute and permanent disability: irreversible physical situation determinant of the total ineptitude for the permanent maintenance of any employment relationship or professional activity.
  • Major disability: situation of absolute permanent disability that also determines the need for assistance from another person to perform the most essential acts of life, such as dressing, moving around, eating or similar.

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