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PSD2 Directive

More peace of mind, more security.

PSD2: The new EU payment directive ensures enhanced security when you carry out transactions with your accounts, make internet payments, shop online or use financial data aggregation services.
Directiva PSD2
Strong Customer Authentication

SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

Two-factor or enhanced authentication: the new verification system requires the combined use of two authentication mechanisms for online transactions with your account and cards as well as all internet payments. 

How does two-factor authentication work?

A new process for greater security

With the new form of authentication, whether you're making your purchase through your computer or tablet, you'll always need your phone at hand to be able to complete payment.
Pagos en internet con tarjeta

This is how it works:

  • The first thing to do is the same as usual: enter your card details on the store website.

  • From now on, you'll need your mobile phone to complete payment because you'll receive an SMS with a link directing you to a secure Bankinter page.

  • On the Bankinter secure page, you must enter your card PIN.

  • Done! You can go back to the store website to check the details of your purchase.


What is PSD2?

The Payment Services Directive is a European directive with the main goal of facilitating and improving the security of online payment systems, reinforcing customer protection against fraud and promoting innovation in payment services through smartphones and the internet. It came into force on 14 September 2019.

One of the PSD2 requirements is the implementation of SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), which means that customers have to use more than one signature method. At Bankinter we've chosen OTP as the signature method.

What is the Bankinter OTP signature?

The OTP (One Time Password) signature is a one-time numerical code for a payment transaction in an electronic environment. You will receive it on your phone or by email every time you need to confirm a transaction.

This signature does not replace the coordinate card but supplements it, and it is therefore a more secure method for making online banking payments, either through the website or app.

When will this double signature be required?

To comply with the provisions of the European Directive, our corporate website requires two-factor authentication whenever an authorised party connects to the site:

  • Login: As a reinforcement mechanism for identifying you, every three months you will have to enter your username and password again and an OTP.
  • Authorisation of online transactions in your account: Whenever you perform a payment transaction, you will have to enter a coordinate and an OTP, either at the time of execution or through the signature pending system.
  • Checking account activity from more than three months ago: You will always have to enter a coordinate and an OTP.

What options does Bankinter offer for receiving an OTP?

We currently offer the following options for receiving the OTP and therefore implementing the double signature:

  • OTP to your phone
  • OTP to your email

You will receive the OPT on the phone or via the email you have registered for this purpose.

Where do I register my phone or email for signatures on the corporate website?

Once you have logged in, go to Management - User - Security signature.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Web Service on 91 807 09 84 or call your branch.

Can I perform transactions through the website just with my coordinate card, without an OTP signature?

No, because the European Directive requires a double signature. In future, it will be possible to register trusted beneficiaries, which will mean that online transactions with them will only require one signature.

Can I perform online transactions without my coordinate card and just enter the OTP?

No, because entering the coordinate is the first signature.

Can I check account activity from more than three months ago without having to enter the coordinate?

No, the European Directive requires a double signature for these checks.

If the phone for OTPs is foreign and I don't receive it, what do I do?

If there are any issues receiving the SMS with the OTP, or if you have any questions, you can contact the Web Service on 91 807 09 84 or call your branch.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.