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personal loans

When you need a loan this is the word you want to hear: easy.

Making it easy for you is what makes a bank your bank: flexibility of choice and repayment, and a range of loans adapted to your needs.
Préstamos personales

Making it easy means letting you choose the type of loan

Tipos de préstamos

Fixed interest

A fixed rate for the duration of the loan. The peace of mind of knowing exactly what you'll pay from start to finish.

Reviewable interest

We set a date for the review of the agreed benchmark, usually the Euribor.

Mixed interest

A fixed interest rate for the first few years and then a variable rate reviewed on the agreed dates until the end of the loan.

Variable interest

The interest rate will vary each time
the benchmark value varies

Easy means letting you pay back the money in the most convenient way for you.

  • Straight-line instalments.
  • Instalments with identical repayments.
  • Repayment agreed according to a predetermined schedule.
  • Flexible repayment, which lets you defer the payment of part of the principal until maturity.
  • Repayment at maturity with periodic interest payments.
  • Total repayment at maturity of both the principal and the interest.

Easy is having specific loans according to your needs

Multiple drawdown loan

A loan that gives you the amount you need, when you need it, according to an agreed schedule. A loan designed for those cases when the planned investment requires partial disbursements.

Tax payment loan

A loan to pay your VAT, income tax, corporation tax or social security for your company.
Tax payment loan

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