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Forget about collecting invoices.

We manage your collections, we finance your pending invoices, and if any of your customers file for bankruptcy we pay you the guaranteed amount.

Bankinter Factoring: more than collections management

Factoring Bankinter

Reconciliation of collections

We reconcile the collections with the invoices accepted, assigning each collection to its invoice.

Insolvency coverage

If you opt for the “without recourse” formula, we'll pay you the guaranteed amount if your customer files for bankruptcy or declares notorious insolvency.

All right here

From the Bankinter Corporate website. The most convenient and easiest way is also the fastest way. Once you've arranged the service at your Bankinter branch, you can apply for invoice advances online.

Collections management

We collect your invoices for you by sending notices before and after the due date, whether the debtor is a resident or a non-resident.

Factoring sin recurso

Improve your company's balance sheet.

In the case of “ without recourse” factoring, advances are considered advance collection. This means that they are not reflected in the liabilities on your balance sheet, therefore improving your liquidity and capital adequacy ratios.

These are benefits of Bankinter Factoring:

Greater borrowing capacity

In the case of “without recourse” factoring, we assume your customers' insolvency so you don't have to use up your usual lines of credit.

No fixed schedule

You can send your files through the website 24/7.

Reduce the collection period

Thanks to our management and monitoring, we can collect your receivables earlier.

Savings in management and financial costs

Because we are the ones responsible for managing, monitoring, financing, collecting, covering any insolvencies, and appraising and classifying your debtors.

All your information in real time

You can use our website to check remittances sent, limits and payment defaults.

Plan your treasury more easily

Thanks to financing, you gain greater speed in your working capital.

See Factoring conditions Factoring conditions

The terms and conditions of service are personalised and we negotiate them individually with each customer.


What's the difference between factoring and reverse factoring?

In factoring, our customer is the seller; in reverse factoring, the buyer.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for factoring?

In general, any document that will help us assess your company's solvency and repayment capacity: annual reports, audits, balance sheets, income statements, corporate taxes, 347 forms, business plans, etc.

How do I present my invoices?

You can present your invoices through the Bankinter Corporate website or your local branch.

What's the schedule for sending files?

You can send files through the Bankinter Corporate website 24/7.

How can I check my transactions?

You can check the remittances sent, limits and past-due receivables on the Bankinter Corporate website. And if you want, we can send an alert to your phone or email if a default occurs.

Where can I apply for the service?

At your Bankinter branch.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.