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International guarantees

If you cross borders, so will our guarantees.

Whether you're an importer or exporter, or whether you undertake projects abroad, we'll represent your company in your foreign commitments. And we'll do so in more than one way: with our entire range of guarantees.
  • Fast and flexible.
  • Both digitally (Swift) and on paper.
Avales internacionales

The right response in every situation

Technical guarantees

Tender guarantee

This guarantees the contractor against the withdrawal of the offer by the participating company.

Technical guarantees

Performance guarantee

This guarantees compliance with the agreed terms and conditions, offering protection against delays in the execution of the contract, etc. When it expires it is usually replaced by the maintenance and quality guarantee.

Technical guarantees

Maintenance guarantee

This guarantees the contracting party compliance with the technical guarantee obligations, such as correct operation of the goods, services or works after delivery.

Financial guarantees

Advance guarantee and payment guarantee

This guarantees the contracting party against the improper use of the funds advanced to the contractor as well as the non-return of the advanced amount if the contractor fails to meet the contractual obligations.

Guarantees according to issuer

Direct guarantee

When they are issued by us, Bankinter delivers the physical document. In this case, the beneficiary accepts a guarantee issued by a foreign entity.

Guarantees according to issuer

Indirect guarantee or counter-guarantee

When the beneficiary requires a guarantee issued by an entity in their country or a third country. In this case, Bankinter issues a counter-guarantee in favour of the local bank that will issue the physical guarantee.

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