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Are you really going to lose a sale?

A POS (point-of-sale terminal) is a device for collecting credit or debit card payments. The Bankinter POS also offers a device or application adapted to your business model.

  • Automates and simplifies the collection of payments.
  • Reduces or eliminates the use of cash.
  • Makes it easier to manage transactions.
  • Takes payments with Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay and Bizum.

Bankinter POS solutions

Fixed POS

If your business doesn't require mobility to collect sales revenue, we recommend a fixed POS: it's easy to install and compatible with ADSL connections.


This is the tool we recommend for remote sales. It works like a physical POS on any PC and integrates with your proprietary applications.

Wireless POS

Take the device to your customers, wherever they are. Available for wireless connections

Virtual POS

The card or Bizum payment system, exclusive for electronic commerce.

Multicurrency POS

A free service that makes it possible, without having to change terminals, for your customers from outside the euro area to pay for their purchases in their local currency, while your store receives the payment as usual: in euros.

Take your sales with you.

With our mobile POS application you can collect card payments through your mobile phone. The phone will be paired via Bluetooth to a PIN entry device designed for card reading and PIN dialling. Wherever you are and with all the security certifications.


Let your customers pay in instalments with Plazox.

Plazox is the service that enables your customers to split purchases that they make with a credit card1 that has an "end of the month" payment method. They can spread payment over 3, 6, 9, or 12 instalments (as long as the amount of each instalment exceeds €20), at the moment they pay for their purchase through our POS, whether physical and virtual. A service to make their purchases smaller and your sales bigger.

  • No fuss and no paperwork, because our POS already incorporates the Plazox service.
  • No risk for your business because the financing is offered by the credit card issuer.
  • For purchases of more than 60 or 100 euros, depending on your business sector2.
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Times are changing. Take Bizum.

  • With our virtual POS, your e-commerce can accept the payment method chosen by more than 23 million users in Spain.

How our POS works

  • At the point of purchase, the customer chooses the payment currency: euros or another currency.

  • The customer confirms the exchange value of the selected currency, which will have more favourable conditions than in their country of origin.

  • All the information is reflected on the purchase receipt.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.