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Your Bankinter Partner branch

You've never known a bank like this one.

It's not every bank that works with you at your office. It's not every bank that shares profits with you.

Bienvenido a Bankinter Partnet
Welcome to Bankinter Partner

Bankinter Partner: if we earn a profit, so do you

Bankinter Partner is a unique and novel financial model based on the collaboration and partnership between Bankinter and your company, where we work hand in hand to earn more profit and deliver more perks for everyone, so we all win.

That's why we offer you the best prices, exclusive terms and conditions, and the close type of relationship you expect from another colleague.

Reparto de beneficios Bankinter Partner

Profit sharing

A bank that shares out profits with you?

We share with you the profits1 generated in your Bankinter Partner branch based on the products you hold with us.

An agreement where everyone wins

We want to partner with you, collaborate and work as a team.

Let's join forces

We provide our technology, financial knowledge and our commitment to adapt to your needs.

Profits for employees

We offer you exclusive financial products and services with special conditions for your employees, and for their family and friends as well.

Because only someone who's right by your side knows what's best for you

Bankinter Partner advantages

Still not sure?

We'll tell you in just two minutes all the advantages you'll unlock when you join Bankinter Partner. Write to us to find out more.

Simulador de Reparto

Keep track of your share.
Thinking about acquiring one of our products? With our Profit Share Calculator you can find out how much profit it will generate for you.

Profit preview

How much have you accumulated?
You can check at any time how much profit you've accumulated in the current year and calculate your share.


They who share get the best part.
Bring your friends and family to Bankinter Partner and add the profit they generate to your own share.

Eventos Bankinter

Bankinter Partner Events

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Your Bankinter Partner Branch

Find us from 9:00 to 18:00 hours Monday to Thursday and from 9:00 to 14:00 on Friday.

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