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Multi-line Financing

All your financing solutions together and only one application.

Multi-line financing offers you a global risk limit, broken down into partial limits, so you can immediately access most financing products.
Financiación multilinea bankinter

Characteristics of Multi-line financing


Financing products

  • Financial: credits, loans, account management, Confirminet, (1) import/export financing, multi-currency credits,(2) leasing, reverse factoring and tax payment loan.
  • Commercial: SEPA debits, invoice/discount advances and factoring.
  • Guarantees: technical, financial and documentary letters of credit.
  • Payment methods: physical POS, virtual POS, PC, etc.
  • Currency futures.(3)

See Multi-line terms and conditions Multi-line terms and conditions

Each product available through Multi-line has its own terms and conditions and is negotiated individually.


The guarantee you present with your Multi-line application can be personal guarantee or a mortgage guarantee.


In the case of mortgage guarantee, a maximum term will be set.

In the case of non-mortgage guarantees, an annual renewable term will be set for the same period. Leasing products and loans are the only products that can have a longer term than your Multi-line.


When you set up a Multi-line, you'll sign a credit policy covering all the products included in your Multi-line. This policy will have to be signed before a notary, but it's the only occasion you'll need to do that.

When you want to use any of the products in your Multi-line, you'll have to sign the particular conditions attached to it but you won't need to go through a notary.


What do I have to do if I want to use a product from my Multi-line?

You can apply through our website and then just send us back the signed particular conditions of the product. And that's it. There's no need to go through a notary.

Can I change the available limit for each chosen product?

Yes, you can change the limits for your products as long as they belong to the same risk group.

Can I change the products I've chosen for my Multi-line?

Yes, you can change the products you've chosen by contacting your branch to sign the necessary documents. There's no need to go through a notary.

What costs will I save with Multi-line?

The notary costs, which can be quite considerable during the life of a company. And, very importantly, you save.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.