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Tax and social security payments

It's your obligation to pay, ours to make it easy for you.

Making the day-to-day running of companies easier is part and parcel of our service. Which is why we offer a range of options for meeting your tax and social security obligations easily, smoothly and online: through the Bankinter Corporate website.

  • All taxes collected by the Tax Agency.
  • All social security payments.
Pago de impuestos y seguros sociales


One-off payments through our website

You can make one-off tax payments through the most convenient method for your company: either through your current account or by credit card, a simple way to defer and finance your taxes.

Setting up a direct debit

As easy as setting up a direct debit when you file your tax return. And if you're the authorised representative, you can file returns for third parties as a single batch.

Check your history

You can check the taxes you have paid over the last five years whenever you want through the Bankinter Corporate website.

Social security:

Electronic payment

Within the period stipulated by the Tax Agency, you can choose the day that suits you best to make the payment. You can also check settlements or cancel them on the same day you sign them, all through the website.

Direct debit

The most convenient option: all you need to do is inform the Tax Agency that your company uses this payment system before the 18th day of the month and then set up the direct debit for payment in the account of your choice. Payment will automatically be debited to the account on the last business day of each month.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.