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EIB credit line

Financing to help you forge ahead, so nothing gets in the way of your development.

Bankinter helps you apply for the credit facility launched by the European Investment Bank. A credit facility designed to boost and support the economic development of our corporate clients.

  • With longer repayment periods.
  • And more favourable conditions.

A credit facility adapted to different business volumes and situations

Financing of long-term investment projects for the self-employed and companies with up to 3,000 employees.

See What can be financed? What can be financed?

Financing for SMEs and mid-caps with a specific focus on investments, both current and term, aligned with the EU's environmental, sustainability and good governance objectives.

See Maximum investment eligible for financing Maximum investment eligible for financing

12.5 million euros out of a total project cost of 25 million euros.

See Term Term

The minimum financing term for the investment project is 24 months, but the loan term can be up to 8 years.

See Business activities excluded Business activities excluded

  • Manufacture of weapons.
  • Games of chance.
  • Manufacture, processing and distribution of tobacco.
  • Activities that do not guarantee the European Convention on the protection of vertebrate animals.
  • Activities with a negative impact on the environment.
  • Controversial activities for ethical or moral reasons.
  • Real estate development as the sole purpose.
  • Purely financial activities.
  • Leasing companies linked to manufacturing companies.

See Investments excluded Investments excluded

  • Financial transactions (loans, purchase of shares, capital subscriptions, etc.), including the cancellation of other loans.
  • Costs related to the acquisition of licences, production rights and other rights granted by public entities.
  • All real estate activity (development, rental, sale, etc.). Property purchases are admissible if they are for business purposes and the business is not excluded from the economic activities list (CNAE).
  • Investments aimed at providing financing to your consumer customers.
  • Financing for the acquisition of land.

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