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Payment management

So your company always makes its payments on time.

These are the services we provide to ensure that your company is never late with any payments. You can use them to optimise your cashflow, meet deadlines and strengthen your reputation with suppliers.
Gestión de pagos
Cheques y pagarés

Cheques and promissory notes

Request their issue on the website and we'll send the physical documents or you can pick them up from the branch of your choice.

Reverse Factoring

We not only manage your payments to suppliers but guarantee them, by allowing suppliers to collect remittances in advance.


Pay salaries individually or in bulk with remittances through our file manager.
Impuestos y seguros sociales

Tax and social security

Make your payments smoothly, quickly and easily through the website.
Transferencias a cajeros

Transfers to ATMs

Send money to someone and let them withdraw it from any ATM in the network, even if they don't have a card.
Transferencia SEPA

SEPA transfer

Make transfers in the SEPA region from our website, with the same convenience and security as national transfers.
Banca a distancia

Remote banking

Making punctuality the strength of your company will be even easier with our remote banking.

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