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Currency management

Change to improve.

This is what Bankinter currency hedging products offer you. A range to protect and minimise the exchange-rate risk in your currency transactions, so you can strengthen and scale up your international transactions.

  • Hedges adapted to different business models.
  • Customised for different transactions.
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Non-deliverable forwards

A product designed to minimise the exchange-rate risk for currencies that are listed but can't be delivered physically or paid into an account.

Forward currency contracts

Forward contracts reduce the risk inherent to currency transactions because they guarantee the buying and selling price for an agreed period.

Customised currency hedges

A range of customised hedges to minimise the consequences of currency fluctuations in international transactions.

Currency Broker

Buy and sell securities in real time, with no minimum amount, spot or forward.

Do it 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.
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