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Multi-line Financing

All your financing solutions together and only one application.

Financiación multilínea Bankinter Empresas

We offer

Services that adapt to the reality of the market.
Bankinter CFO Forum

Bankinter CFO Forum

the top meeting place for CFOs and their teams.
Pagos móviles

Mobile payments

You can all your corporate cards with Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


Advance the collection of your invoices.
Cuenta de crédito plazo abierto Bankinter Empresas

Open-term credit account

A credit account with no expiry date.

Other featured products

Adapted to your company's needs.
Préstamo pago de impuestos

Tax payment loan

Fulfil your commitments, but with peace of mind.
Cuenta de crédito multidivisas

Multi-Currency Credit Account

The same credit. The same account. Different currencies.
Broker divisas Bankinter Empresas

Currency broker

What if the time is now? Buy and sell currencies in real time.

We are Bankinter

We look, feel and are different.

Proud to be your bank.

If there's a time when your bank needs to see things like you see them, this is it.

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The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.