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El super CFO
Strategy and innovation | 19 Jul 2022

The Super CFO: the 5 traits that define the CFO of the future.

Like a Swiss army knife, because of the multiplicity of functions, or like a Swiss watchmaker, because of their ability to understand the complex mechanism of the company and to make all the gears work in perfect unison.
Strategy and innovation | 05 Sep 2022

ESG criteria in the finance function: Measure and lead.

Companies have a new mission: saving the world. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria are transforming business models and the way organisations are managed. It is a cross-cutting change that has a full impact on the finance function, which in Spain is currently facing the challenge of adapting to the new EU taxonomy in the coming years.
Strategy and innovation | 08 Aug 2022

From CFO to CISO to CXO: new corporate titles.

"Hello, I'm the new CISO", "we are looking for a CXO with five years' experience". These acronyms will soon start sounding more and more familiar and will be commonly used within companies. In this article, we explain job titles for the most senior company roles.
Strategy and innovation | 21 Jul 2022

Strategies to fight inflation in companies.

This is no longer transitory inflation. We are unable to moderate it but can adapt it to our business model and draft contingency plans with mixed strategies, even by creating an inflation management office led by the CFO.
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