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Casos de éxito Fondos NGEU
Experts and knowledge | 25 May 2023

Success stories: these companies have already kicked off the NGEU Funds.

We have 4 success stories. García Baquero, L. Pernía, Zamakona Yards and Tría Ingeniería were pioneers in implementing their strategic investment projects thanks to Next Generation funds.
Experts and knowledge | 02 Jun 2023

Lácteas García Baquero: A European Funds success story.

Lácteas García Baquero leads the PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) dairy consortium. In this article, we take a closer look at all the details of this success story.
Strategy and innovation | 19 Jan 2023

This is how the CFO succession plan is organised.

What differentiates a good chief financial officer from an outstanding one? Their succession plan
Strategy and innovation | 29 Nov 2022

CFO and networking: the need to create a professional network.

The Chief Financial Officer feels the solitude of the goalkeeper before the penalty, as was said in the popular novel by Peter Handke The growing complexity of the role means it is now more necessary than ever to weave a professional network to support the Financial Director in their difficult mission.
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Strategy and innovation | 24 Oct 2022

Evolution, Challenges and Future of the CFO Podcast

Experts from some of the most important corporates in Spain analyse the changes in the financial function in Spain and the challenges and opportunities of CFOs and their teams.
Experts and knowledge | 24 Oct 2022

Digital Kit Podcast

Boost your company's digitalisation.
Experts and knowledge | 24 Oct 2022

Renewable Energies PERTE Podcast

Experts from the FI Group explain everything you need to know about the Energy PERTE (Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation) and how your company can obtain aid for energy projects.

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