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import documentary credit

Sometimes it's best to use an intermediary.

In this case, us. Import documentary credit is an agreement through which we pay the exporter the transaction amount agreed by contract solely and exclusively when the documents reflected in the conditions are all in order.
Crédito documentario importación

An agreement that benefits both parties.

Advantages for the importer:

  • The certainty that when you make your payment, all the documents reflected in the agreement are in order.
  • Knowledge of the exact dates and deadlines by which the imported goods will be delivered.

Advantages for the exporter:

  • Payment collection security thank to the existence of a bank guarantee.
  • Reduction of the country and bank risk.
Descuento sin recurso de crédito documentario

Discount without documentary credit recourse

More advantages for your exporter. More advantages for your company.

Once the documents presented have been verified, we'll offer your exporter the option of advance collection. An advantage for them but for you as well: the discount without documentary credit recourse.


What do you get as an importer?

  • Greater negotiation margin.
  • Eliminate advances on account.
  • Security regarding the payment obligation.

What does the exporter get?

  • Security by eliminating the payment collection risk.
  • Reduction of costs and financial needs.
  • Increased liquidity.

Manage and track all your documentary credit transactions through the website.


  • Transaction history.
  • Portfolios in force.
  • Documents provided by the exporter.
  • Checking for discrepancies.
  • Payment dates.


  • Arrangement.
  • Acceptance and modification of drafts.
  • Modification of clauses.
  • Raising discrepancies.
  • Payment instructions.

See Import documentary credit conditions Import documentary credit conditions

The terms and conditions for import documentary credit are personalised and negotiated individually with each customer.


Is it possible to cancel the payment of a documentary credit if the merchandise doesn't meet the expected quality?

No, you can't. Import documentary credit is an agreement by which Bankinter assumes the obligation to pay the exporter as long as the documents reflected in the conditions of the agreement are in order. We don't take the quality of the goods into account.

At what point is the documentary credit discount offered to exporters?

When the documentary credit is set up and via SWIFT message.

Can I send direct debits for different countries in the same file?

Yes. As long as they are in euros and are in the SEPA area.

How long does it take to set up an export documentary credit?

Very little. It should be ready within the hour.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.