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NDF - Non-deliverable Forward

Colombia, Chile, Brazil, India, Peru, Malaysia, Kazakhstan... Other currencies, other insurance products

With non-deliverable forward transactions you can minimise the exchange-rate risk for currencies that are listed but can't be delivered physically or paid into an account. So you'll have more peace of mind for your transactions abroad, whatever the country.

  • Ideal for companies and subsidiaries operating in emerging countries.
Non Delivery Forward

More security thanks to greater certainty in your international transactions:

Less volatility with non-convertible currencies.

Certainty in the valuation of the commercial results obtained by the subsidiaries.

Adjusted forecast of the result of the transaction.

How NDF works

  • You guarantee the price of a non-convertible currency at a specific date.

  • On the due date, you won't receive the currency physically but it will be settled according to the difference with the contract price.

  • Depending on the difference, you'll receive a credit or debit for the difference between the contract price and the market price.

Insurable currency exchange through NDF

  • Chile Chilean peso - CLP
  • Taiwán Taiwan dollar - TWD
  • India Indian rupee - INR
  • Israel Israeli shekel - ILS
  • Kazajistán Kazakh tenge - KZT
  • Corea del Sur South Korean won - KRW
  • Malasia Malaysian ringgit - MYR
  • Pakistán Pakistani rupee - PKR
  • Perú Sol peruano - PEN
  • Filipinas Peso filipino - PHP
  • Ucrania Grivna ucraniana - UAH
  • Brasil Real brasileño - BRL
  • Colombia Peso colombiano - COP
  • Uganda Chelín ugandés - UGX
  • Kenia Chelín keniano - KES
  • Indonesia Rupia indonesia - IDR

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To subscribe to this product, you must have already set up a risk facility with a high enough limit for forward transactions.

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