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Next Generation EU Funds

An opportunity for your company's future.

We see it the same way. The Next Generation EU Funds represent an opportunity to restore economic growth and accelerate job creation, an opportunity to enhance competitiveness and above all to rebuild the business network in Spain.

This is why Bankinter is committed to accompanying companies like yours, to inform, train and assist, to promote momentum and growth, and to place the benefit of our experience at the service of your projects.

With you from start to finish

We can provide you with all the information and knowledge about European Funds so that you can make the best decisions.

With all the details

Get access to all the information and find out everything you need to know about the European Funds, and their terms and conditions.

With the knowledge of the experts

The training on European Funds that you need from the experts who will make sure you are prepared for this unique opportunity.

With all our support

We will advise and accompany you throughout the application process for European Funds. Enter your details here and we will contact you to assist you.

Do you have six minutes?

That's all the time you need to find out about how you can benefit from the Next Generation EU Funds.

Trust in the bank that sees money the way you do.

For Bankinter, supporting companies is a business priority and a commitment to the economy. Created as a bank for companies, and after 50 years providing value and commitment to entrepreneurship in our country, today it has the vocation and the necessary knowledge:
  • To offer you all our experience both at a financial and business level, and to guide and advise you when submitting your projects and optimise the financing to which you have access.
  • So that you can see your opportunities and understand the requirements and objectives of this recovery plan.
  • To give you a global and competitive perspective overview that will allow you to create solid financing strategies.
  • So that you have all the guarantees of a bank as solvent as Bankinter.