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Investing in a new home: townhouse, detached house, flat, etc.

First or second home; everything you need to know.

Are you considering on buying a new home as an investment? Without a doubt, it will bring great rewards in the future, but you first have to consider certain aspects in the present to make the right decision.
invertir en la compra de una vivienda para tener ingresos extras
invertir en la compra de una vivienda para tener ingresos extras

The price of a new home

Before you take your decision, compare the price of the home with that of other similar homes in the area. You can do this on real estate portals or even ask for professional advice.


This is an important matter that will determine the current price of the home and future profitability: big cities, coastal areas, tourist places, etc.

Urban or rustic setting?

Very much in line with the previous matter. In general, homes in cities are the ones with the highest demand; moreover, they are also more expensive ...

Do you have nearby services?

Public transport and good communications; shops and restaurants; parks and green areas; hospitals, etc. These are some of the things that will help you rent out your home quickly.

Year of construction and condition of the home

Is it a new or old home? Has it been refurbished? Second-hand homes are always more affordable, but they usually need renovation or refurbishment work, which will affect the budget.

Are you thinking on renting it out?

You must then assess whether the price is good for the homes in this area, in terms of size, finishes and features and a price that you consider will increase over time.

Expenses associated with buying a new home

You have to bear in mind that banks will give you less than the usual 80% for a second mortgage loan. In addition, you will have to pay for other expenses associated with the purchase, such as notary fees, property registration and taxes. It is advisable not to allocate more than 40% of your salary to the mortgage.

Maintenance expenses

Keep in mind that a second home will double your monthly expenses: water, electricity, community, property tax, etc.

Do your math

To sell or rent out a home in the future, you need to plan in advance and study the market for the potential appreciation in value of property.


It will depend on whether the house is new or second-hand. In the case of new homes, you need to pay VAT; in the case of second-hand homes, you need to pay Asset Transfer Tax (known in Spain by the initials ITP). Both types of taxes are different in different autonomous communities, so these will vary according to where the home is located.

What is the best mortgage loan for me?

It depends on many things. Check our range of products and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. If you have doubts, please contact us.
What is the best mortgage loan?

Are there any major changes for second mortgage loans?

Yes, there are quite a few changes. The conditions are not the same; at Bankinter, we tell you everything you need to know.
I want a second mortgage loan

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