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International factoring

60, 90, 120 days ... Early collection of your invoices.

Bankinter International Factoring is a financing service that allows you to collect invoices issued to your clients early, without having to wait for them to become due. A service to optimize your company's resources, whatever its size.
Factoring internacional

Choose the contracting method:

Non-recourse Factoring

It will allow you to advance the amount of the invoices issued to your clients by the percentage that you decide: Complete or partial.

Non-recourse factoring

In this manner, additionally, you can ensure the collection of the invoice in the event of a possible insolvency by your client.

Providing your company much more than financing

Reduce collection time

Since we are the ones who carry out the administrative and follow-up work, it allows us to make the payment in less time.

Savings in management and financing costs

Because we will take care of managing, controlling, financing, collecting, covering possible insolvencies and of assessing and classifying your debtor clients

Improve treasury planning

Thanks to the financing, you know what you have and when you have it, achieving greater velocity for the working capital in your company's treasury.

Expand borrowing capacity

If you opt for Bankinter non-recourse Factoring, we are the ones who assume the risk corresponding to your clients' potential insolvency, reducing the consumption of the credit line.

Improve your company's balance sheet

Additionally, with the non-recourse option, the amounts received early do not appear in balance sheet liabilities, thus improving your company's liquidity and solvency ratios.

All of the submissions, from here, from the web

You can send the files every day, 7 days a week. In addition, you will be able to consult the remittances sent, limits and unpaid items.


And if you have an export letter of credit, you can also advance its collection.

Forfaiting is a complement to the Bankinter International Factoring service which can advance the collection of your export letters of credit without waiting until they expire. In addition, your company will be covered against the potential risks corresponding to your clients' bad debts.



What's the difference between factoring and reverse factoring?

In factoring, our client is the exporting company; in the confirming of the importing company.

What is the difference between factoring and forfaiting?

Factoring is a financing instrument for everyday use, suitable for recurring transactions under the same factoring line which is already open. In contrast, forfaiting is more suitable for specific transactions, with longer credit terms which involve legal payment documents such as, for example, promissory notes.

What documents do I need to provide to apply for factoring?

In general, any document that will help us assess your company's solvency and repayment capacity: annual reports, audits, balance sheets, income statements, corporate taxes, 347 forms, business plans, etc.

How do I present my invoices?

For hours, simplicity and comfort, we recommend doing it using the Bankinter Corporate website. Although, if you prefer, you can also present them through your office.

What's the schedule for sending files?

You can send files through the Bankinter Corporate website 24/7.

How can I check my transactions?

You can check the remittances sent, limits and past-due receivables on the Bankinter Corporate website. And if you want, we can send an alert to your phone or email if a default occurs.

Where can I apply for the service?

Since prior approval of the factoring line is required, it is necessary that you go to your office.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.