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International payments / SWIFT gpi

If your payments arrive earlier, your company will go further.

SWIFT gpi, designed to strengthen and enhance your company's international payments: faster traditional SWIFT payments with more information and more services.

  • Faster, to strengthen your business relationships.
  • More transparent, to optimise your treasury management.
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Pagos internacionales SWIFT GPI Bankinter Empresas.

The good things SWIFT brought us

Complete security

The safest way to order payments abroad. SWIFT coding prevents your transfers from being compromised.


The international SWIFT network lets you issue payment orders to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

Fewer errors

The standardised codes used by more 11,000 banks avoid errors in the identification of the destination of your payments: a common code identifies the bank, country, town/city and branch.

Now enhanced with SWIFT gpi

Same-day payment

Any payment made through a bank that has joined SWIFT gpi (more than 800 worldwide) will reach its destination the same day the order is placed, maybe in a matter of seconds.

Payment tracking and traceability

With Bankinter you'll also get our exclusive Bankinter Online Tracking service, so you'll always know the status of your payment order: when it's been sent, when it's reached the destination bank and when the beneficiary has received it.

Complete cost transparency

You'll have full details of all the costs related to your payments and, even more importantly for your treasury management, you'll know the currency exchange cost.

Confirmation of receipt of payment

If the destination bank is a member of SWIFT gpi, you'll be the first person to receive a notification confirming that the payment has reached the beneficiary's account.

Everything at a glance: SWIFT gpi.

Got a question?

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