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You know about instalment sales, but do you know about Plazox?

Plazox is a service that allows your customers to split their card purchases right at the moment they make their payment through your POS, whether physical or virtual. A service that thousands of credit card holders today have available1. And your business, is it prepared so that it does not lose any sales?

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Instant access

Plazox is available at Bankinter POS terminals so that your company will not lose any sales if your customer needs to use it.

No paperwork, instantly

Your customers will be able to split their purchases of over €60 or €100 (depending on the trader's 2 sector of activity) into 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments, as long as the resulting instalments are greater than €20 and their card has an end of month payment method.

No risk for your business

Offering your customers Plazox does not represent any risk for your business because the financing is offered by the credit card issuer.

If your business is physical, it works!

Your customer makes the payment by card

If your customer has Plazox activated, on making the payment and entering the PIN, they will be able to choose between full or split payment.

Choose to split the payment

If you have decided to do a split purchase, the terminal will offer you the option to split payment over 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments.

And, finally, confirm the operation

Everything ready. Your customer is happy and so is your business.

If your business is electronic, it works!

Your customer selects payment by card

As always, the system will ask you them to enter their card details.

The screen will offer you the option to split the purchase

At that point, if you opt for split payment, the screen will offer you the different options: 3, 6, 9 or 12 instalments.

Transaction confirmed

Once the usual authentication process has been completed, the transaction is confirmed.


What do you have to do to activate the Plazox service?

You don't need to do anything. We will take care of activating the service on your terminals. Once the service is activated, customers who have a card with the Plazox service activated by their bank can split payments if they wish.

What do your customers have to do to split their purchases?

All your customers have to do is initiate payment with the credit card that their bank has activated for this service, key in the PIN and follow the instructions on the terminal. If their card has the Plazox service activated, they will be shown the split purchase options and can decide at this point whether they want to split the purchase and over how many instalments.

What cards are eligible for Plazox financing?

All credit cards with month-end payment and with an individual as the holder are included.

What types of purchases can be paid for with Plazox?

It depends on the sector and the amount. Purchases of more than €60 can be split in the travel agency, hotel, passenger transport, jewellery, vehicle hire, leisure and entertainment sectors and in the mail or telephone sales and retail trade sectors.

For the food, supermarket, petrol station, chemist, ironmonger and restaurant sectors, the minimum amount will be €100.

The casino, charity, massage and sauna, telephone top-up and small-amount sectors, as well as the unattended terminals and highways sectors, are excluded.

The merchant may increase the amount of the financing up to a maximum of €500.

Into how many instalments can purchases be split?

Purchases can be split over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months as long as the instalments are for a minimum of €20.

When will I collect payment of the split purchase made by my customer?

You will collect the amount of the sale in the same way as the rest of your sales paid by card.

Can my customers return their purchases?

Yes, in the same way as in a non-split purchase.

Do my customers have to do any paperwork or wait for approval?

Customers don't have to complete any paperwork, fill out questionnaires, or wait for any additional approval. They only have to give their consent, following the indications on the terminal.

Is Plazox available in online stores?

Yes, split payment is offered in the same way in the virtual POS, requiring only a single click to validate and authenticating the customer in the same way as for non-split online purchases.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.