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Questions when opening an account

Thinking of opening a bank account? There is a wide range of accounts, almost as many as there are customers. It is important that you are clear about the purpose of the account, your needs, your personal and employment situation, your savings capacity or your medium and long-term expectations. Here are the factors you should consider before opening an account.

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What should you keep in mind when opening an account?

We explain in detail the most common issues to bear in mind when choosing the bank account that best suits your needs:

  • Do you have fees?

    Fees are one of the important aspects to consider when choosing an account. Generally, bank account fees are related to maintenance and administration costs, cheque deposits or transfers, cash withdrawals at ATMs, overdraft fees… 

  • Do the transfers come at a cost?

    Some accounts allow unlimited transfers but others limit the number of transfers, charge a percentage of the amount or even a fixed amount. It is important to find out about the cost of transfers outside Spain, both inside and outside the European Union.

  • Can I use ATMs for free?

    Each bank is linked to a network of ATMs with which it has an agreement and where you will not be charged a fee for withdrawing money. It is important to find out if there are ATMs in the areas where we usually go, close to where we live, etc. Many banks have their own ATM locators that allow you to find the nearest ATM based on your location, town or postcode. 

  • Do I have a credit card?

    It is important to know whether the account has a linked credit or debit card. We should weigh up the benefits of each type of card: special discounts, points programmes or other benefits. You will also need to know the possible linked fees: issuance fee, maintenance fee, renewal fee, etc.

  • Do you have an interest payment?

    Profitability is an important benefit that can lead us to choose one account over another. Some accounts offer you a return for having your money deposited in them. Find out about the return offered by each account and the different conditions.

  • Do I have branches nearby?

    Even if you already carry out most of your operations online, it is always important to have a branch nearby.

  • Do I have a website and an app where I can carry out my day-to-day operations online?

    It is vital: today everything is done digitally, conveniently and quickly, and this should be no less true with our accounts.

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Are you coming to Bankinter?

If you already have an account with another bank and you want to switch to Bankinter, with the Bankinter Switching Service, choose what you want to bring to Bankinter and we will take care of everything:

  • Online
  • No forms to fill in
  • No arrangements to make with your other banks


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