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How long does the salary account bear interest?

The salary account starts bearing interest as soon as your first salary is deposited. There are two interest-bearing periods, each with their own rate:

  • During the first year: 4.94% nominal (5% AER).
  • During the second year: 1.99% nominal (2% AER).

The AER has been calculated on the basis that there are no fees with the salary account. The amount resulting from each half-yearly settlement is treated as a capital gain and is therefore subject to the withholding percentage stipulated in the applicable tax regulations.

What's the interest-bearing limit of the salary account?

The maximum daily balance that bears interest is €5,000, regardless of whether or not more than one salary is paid into the account.

What interest does the account bear after the second year?

During the third year and all subsequent years, the salary account bears the same interest as a standard current account, but you'll still get all the other special perks, products and services: no fees, free card, salary advance, transfers...


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