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What are the requirements for opening a Salary Account?

To open a Salary Account you must be an individual living in Spain and you cannot already be, or have been, a customer of Bankinter. In other words, you must register as a customer and Salary Account holder at the same time.

Regarding salary, you must earn at least €800 net per month. Lastly, to be eligible for all the perks offered with our account, you must set up direct debits for at least three bills per quarter.

What if I don't meet all the requirements to open a Salary Account?

In that case, please check our full range of accounts because you are sure to find one that suits your situation and also bears interest and offers special perks: Non-Salary Account, Business Account, etc.

How do I change my direct debits?

No problem! At Bankinter we have the direct debit management service. you can transfer all your bills from the comfort of your home in less than three minutes, all without having to visit a branch.

Can I set up a regular transfer instead of having my salary paid into the account?

No, sorry, that's not possible. To be eligible for our Salary Account and all the perks that come with it, the person sending the transfer or writing the cheque you deposit every month cannot be the account holder.


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