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Current account or salary account

Which account should I arrange?

When we decide to open a bank account, we may be unsure as to what account would be the best choice, so know this:

  • Just as no two customers are the same, no two accounts are the same.
  • The market offers a wide variety of bank accounts, suited to each individual's personal and professional circumstances.
  • Different savings profiles, preferences and current and future needs need to be taken into account.

The salary account and the current account are two of the most common accounts. Here we explain the main differences between them, their benefits and rewards and what you should consider when choosing between them. 

cuentas bancarias bankinter

Payroll account

What is it?

A salary account lets us do much the same as a current account, but with better terms and conditions as a reward for having our salary paid into the account. They may also offer zero account commissions and cards with no associated fees, along with other special benefits and rewards, including a return on our savings.

It is a good option if...

We have regular income, i.e. if we have a fixed salary every month and have it paid directly into our account in exchange for various benefits and rewards. Salary accounts can offer various benefits, most notably: bill refunds, discounts, commission-free accounts, interest on our savings and free cards. Some accounts may even offer discounts and promotions.

What does the bank want from us and what do we want from the bank?

The most important thing: no fees. Other pluses include no-fee cards, a return on our savings and a good online banking platform. You might also be interested to know that there are salary accounts for young people who already earn a salary and that offer further benefits and discounts. They are also great at getting us used to saving.

Current accounts

What is it?

A current account is the most basic type of account and something we all know about. It lets us perform simple transactions: deposits and payments, cash withdrawals at ATMs, direct debits and transfers. It sometimes comes with a credit card. It's basically an easy and convenient way for us to manage our money, which makes these accounts very commonplace.

It is a good option if...

If we do not have much in the way of income, or if our income is sporadic or irregular. This type of account is also a good choice if we are looking for an account to share expenses with our partner or flatmates —as a support account from which to carry out certain transactions— as it is very practical for making and receiving payments without having transfer money to other banks. It is also a great account for introducing our little ones to money and saving.

What does the bank want from us and what do we want from the bank?

It is a simple account with no minimum income or minimum balance requirements. By the same token, it does not offer much in the way of rewards for having our money deposited there and usually these accounts charge fees. We could therefore ask the bank not to charge us fees, or impose too many terms and conditions. And if it comes with online banking, all the better!
cuentas bancarias bankinter

Are you coming to Bankinter?

If you already have an account with another bank and you want to switch to Bankinter, with the Bankinter Switching Service, choose what you want to bring to Bankinter and we will take care of everything:

  • Online
  • No forms to fill in
  • No arrangements to make with your other banks

Current account or salary account?

As we have seen, there is no such thing as an ideal account: it all depends on our situation and specific needs. Therefore, before choosing a product, we need to compare all the options and choose the one that suits us best. If necessary, we can discuss and clear up all our doubts with the bank before making a decision.


Salary account

Improve your salary with more perks, no fees and no maintenance charges.
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Current account

An ordinary current account with a bank that's anything but ordinary. With the Bankinter current account you have access to your funds wherever and whenever you want, no strings attached.
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Tú y Yo account

If you share expenses, share an account. With the Bankinter Tú y Yo account you can share the good things.
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