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Benefits of having your salary paid into your account

Having your salary paid into your bank account? Of course!

Are you thinking of having your salary paid into your bank account? It is important that you take into account all the benefits that each bank can offer you. Also, having your salary paid into your account is very simple and can be done in just a few steps.

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domiciliar cuenta nomina con bankinter

The benefits of having your salary paid into your account

These are some of the most common benefits that banks can offer you for paying your salary into an account:

  • No fees account. No fees accounts are commonly offered. This will prevent us from having to pay costs related to account maintenance. 
  • Free card. Another of the usual benefits is that the salary account is linked with a free card that sometimes has some additional benefit that comes with it, such as discounts at certain establishments, points systems, etc.
  • Interest payment. If the salary account comes with interest payments, it will provide us with a return for having money deposited in the account itself.
  • Special conditions for other banking products. Having a salary account with a bank will allow you to access other products with special conditions and discounts. Normally, the more linked products, the more benefits.
  • Bank transfer service. Along with your salary, you can also set up direct debits for all your regular bills (water, electricity, telephone, etc.), which will be even more convenient for you. And if you already have them at another bank, the bank will arrange the switch.
  • An app for customers. Nowadays, almost all banks have an app that allows customers to carry out transactions and manage their day-to-day finances conveniently, quickly, and easily: transfers, enquiries, payments...


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