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Remote banking

How I do use Bizum or send cash to an ATM and withdraw it without a card?

Bizum is a free service for sending and requesting money using your mobile phone.

You can't cancel a Bizum payment once you've sent it.

Is there a limit to how much I can send by Bizum?

Limits: from €0.50 to €1,000 per transaction. The maximum amount that can be received in one day is €2,000. Maximum number of requests sent and received per month by tax ID number (NIF): 150 transactions.

The funds are sent from your current account to the recipient's account, or vice versa. You don't need to enter the account number, just the mobile phone number.

How do I register or link Bizum to my account?

You send and receive Bizum payments through both mobile banking and the website.

Start by signing up for the service, if you haven't already done so:

Open the Bankinter app, tap 'Pay' at the bottom of the screen and select Bizum. Alternatively, on the website, (here), go to 'Frequent transactions' and select 'Use Bizum'.

Next, go to 'Settings' and select the account and then the mobile telephone number you want to link to Bizum.

Tap 'Next' and accept the service terms and conditions.

Enter the security code you receive by SMS to accept and complete your registration.

Once you have registered, Bizum is very easy:

In the Bankinter App tap “PAY” at the bottom of the screen and then select Send money or Request money.

On the website, select Frequent transactions and then Use Bizum.

You will be asked for the mobile phone number of the person you want to send money to or request money from, the amount and the reason.

To find out more about Bizum click here.



Bizum, a simple and secure way to send and receive funds through your phone.
Find out more about Bizum


Our new Transfer to ATM service lets you send and withdraw cash without a card and without a fee.
Find out more about Halcash

How do I register or link Bizum to my account?

HalCash lets you transfer funds to an ATM if you want to send money to someone, whether they're a Bankinter customer or not, or if you want to withdraw cash yourself and your card doesn't work or you've lost it. All without a card. All without a fee.

This is how to send funds:

Open the Bankinter app, tap “PAY” at the bottom of the screen and select HalCash.

To send money to an ATM from the website (click here), go to Frequent transactions and then select HalCash.

Enter the recipient's mobile phone number, the amount you want to transfer (between €10 and €600) and a 4-digit security code of your choice.

Tell the recipient, if it's not you, the passcode you've chosen. They will receive an SMS with a different code and the amount they can withdraw.

How do I withdraw cash from the ATM with HalCash?

Go to a Bankinter ATM or any of the ATMs associated with the Hal Cash platform. The ATM screen will display a direct link to this service. It will ask you for the telephone number, the amount and the two passcodes: the one chosen by the sender and the one received by text message.

You can withdraw the funds in matter of seconds. It's as simple as that: with no card and no fees.

To find an ATM in the HalCash platform click here.