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Send and withdraw money at ATMs without a card. That’s right, no card.

With our Transfer to ATM service you can send funds to other people, whether they’re Bankinter customers or not, and withdraw cash yourself if your card doesn’t work you’ve lost it. All without a card. All without a fee.

Why use Transfer to ATM?

It's free

The service is completely free of charge for both the sender and the receiver.

It`s safe

Every operation generates a two-key system.

There are more than 6,000 ATMs

All the Bankinter ATMs and all the ATMs associated with the HalCash in Spain.

How to send funds

  • Access the service through, Bankinter mobile or Telephone Banking and select the account of origin.

  • Enter the recipient's mobile phone number, the amount you want to transfer (between €10 and €600) and a 4-digit security code.

  • Tell the recipient, if it's not you, the passcode you've chosen. They will receive an SMS with a different code and the amount they can withdraw.

How to withdraw funds

  • Go to a Bankinter ATM or any of the ATMs associated with the Hal Cash platform. The ATM screen will display a direct link to this service.

  • You'll have to enter the phone number, the amount and the two passcodes: the one chosen by the sender and the one received by SMS.

  • You can take out the money in matter of seconds. It's as simple as that: with no card and no fees.


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What is Hal Cash?

It is a platform of financial institutions from whose ATMs funds can be withdrawn without a card.

Does the person withdrawing the funds have to be a Bankinter customer?

No, this is not necessary. Neither is a bank account or card required.

Is the ATM transfer service free for both parties?

Yes, the service is totally free. No fees are charged.

What do I need to order an ATM transfer?

You only need the telephone number of the beneficiary of the transfer, the amount and a four-digit code that you must provide to the beneficiary.

Is a coordinate card required to make the transfer order?

As in any other transaction, the system will ask for a coordinate from your card, for security reasons.

What data are required to withdraw the funds from an ATM?

The telephone number on which the order was received, the security code sent by SMS and the security code chosen by the person placing the order when they set it up, and the amount of the transfer.

What happens if the person doesn't withdraw the funds in the period specified?

The funds cannot be withdrawn from the ATM, and remains in the source account for the transfer. A new order is required to withdraw the amount; for security reasons, this generates new passwords.

Can I send any amount I like?

The minimum amount per order is €10, with a maximum of €600; however, the bank recommends not using amounts that require €10 notes, as some ATMs do not dispense them.

The ATM transfer service has a maximum daily value of €3,000 and a monthly maximum of €6,000.

See Terms and conditions Terms and conditions

Service cost.

The Transfer to ATM service is free of charge and no fees are charged either for the sender or for the beneficiary.

Transaction limits.

Minimum amount per order: 10€. Maximum amount per order: 600€. Maximum daily amount: €3,000 Maximum monthly amount: €6,000

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