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European Funds FAQs

In the case of European aid and funds, what percentage of total investment is proposed as eligible aid? If we are talking about areas of market failure, will OPEX also be subsidised?

Grants (non-repayable) are governed by the Block Exemption Regulation 651/2014, which limits access to CAPEX funding of between 10% and 15% depending on the location of the investment in a particular location.

If the CAPEX focuses on energy efficiency, this would amount to up to 30%, but it will be very difficult for CAPEX to access a higher % of subsidy.

There would also be loan-based funding of up to 75% of the investment. A priori, this would be the financing that CAPEX could be eligible for.

OPEX will be eligible for a higher % of non-repayable funds, in this case connections with innovation, the size of the company and the area where the innovation takes place will be taken into account.

In short, it will be easier to subsidise OPEX than CAPEX.


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