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European Funds FAQs

Components of the NGEU Funds: the ecological transition

What does Ecological Transition mean in concrete terms?

It encompasses decarbonisation, energy efficiency, deployment of renewable energies, electrification of transport, development of energy storage and the circular economy, and several other concepts.

What amount of investment will be earmarked to Ecological Transition projects?

Up to 39.12% of the total. It will be the most important component in terms of amount of resources used.

Examples of development areas for projects in the Ecological Transition component:

  • Strategic Projects for Economic Recovery and Transformation (PERTEs). For example, promoting the transformation of the electric car value chain.
  • Integration of renewables, developing smart distribution networks, storage and deployment of flexibility. And a firm commitment to renewable hydrogen and its integration within the energy industry.
  • A contingency plan for sustainable, safe and connected mobility in urban and metropolitan environments.


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