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Next Generation EU Funds

Next Generation EU Funds 2023: current status and new developments.

2023 brings multiple opportunities to plan and finance projects already underway, as well as some important new developments: the modification and flexibility of the PERTES regarding endorsements and guarantees, the extension of financing limits and the injection of an additional 90 billion euros.

Fondos Next Generation Europe 2023

Here's everything you need to know about the current state of NGEU funds and how your business can benefit:

Next Generation EU Funds

Next Generation EU Funds - New Developments.

What are the new developments in 2023 regarding the NGEU funds? What requirements do I need to meet? How can my company benefit? We will tell you everything.

Renewable Energies Perte


The Renewable Energies, Renewable Hydrogen and Storage (ERHA) PERTE brings many new features for this year. Find out how your company can be part of the energy transition process in the video below.

Circular Economy PERTE

Circular Economy PERTE - New Developments.

We want to see commodities used more efficiently in 2023 and, with a view to achieving this, here is some news about the circular economy PERTE that can help your company to continue playing a role in building a more sustainable planet.

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