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Virtual cards

Exclusive cards for online expenses.

Virtual cards that you generate from your Bankinter credit or debit cards. They give you greater security in your online purchases and better control of your spending.

  • With the same conditions as the card to which they are linked: authorised balance, payment method, etc.
  • Your business can generate as many virtual cards as it needs, and for free.
  • Two card models for two operating models.
Tarjetas virtuales

1. Single-use card: maximum security for your online spending

A card for each purchase.

That's the idea: a card for a single electronic payment.

The amount assigned to the card matches the purchase amount.

Why? Because it will only be valid for the purchase for which it was generated.

It will only be active for a few minutes.

The estimated time to complete the transaction. The virtual card ceases to be active once the balance has been used.

2. Recurring-use card: better control of your online subscriptions

A card to use in businesses with recurring payments.

A card valid for paying online subscriptions and designed to offer greater control of your expenses.

A pre-fixed monthly amount but with unlimited transactions.

The balance you previously chose is the only thing that's limited. As for what you spend, the amount will charged to the linked account when you make the purchases, never before.

You can modify the assigned balance at any time.

You can modify it as many times as you want and without having to wait for the next month.

How? All from the Bankinter app:

  • Create virtual cards from the “Home” or “Cards”menus.
  • Answer all your questions: movements, cards used, active cards, associated card, etc.
  • With recurring-use cards, you can increase your limit, turn the card on and off, and, if necessary, block it.

Got a question?

The Bankinter Corporate help centre has the answer.