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Alternative investments

We won’t settle for less.

Although we are currently in a low yield and highly volatile environment, we have plenty of investment ideas. Our challenge is to develop investment alternatives that allow us to continue offering attractive yields, which are naturally suited to our customers’ investment profiles.
Inversiones alternativas
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A stable and predictable return on your investment.

Those are the goals of our alternative investments, which we achieve thanks to these three premises:

Identifying opportunities

Locating niches where we can still find assets with a balanced risk-return ratio that offer attractive returns.

Being the main investor

The investment vehicles we identify and offer to customers must be attractive enough to ensure that we remain the lead investor at all times.

Selecting expert partners

We work solely and exclusively with managers who have proven experience and knowledge of the sectors in which we invest.

The value of investment products can fall as well as rise, and you may get back less than you invested.

Different investment vehicles
under the same structure.

Vehículos de inversión

Using Bankinter methodolog:

  • Designing and structuring the investment.
  • Maintaining our role as the lead investor.
  • Keeping tight control of investments.
  • Carrying out constant oversight of our partner managers.
  • Exercising our right of veto.

Together with our partner managers:

  • With proven experience and sector knowledge.
  • With a strategic investment view.
  • With management and investment capacity.

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