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Saving tips for families

Saving tips for families

Or - the same thing - our peace of mind, our future. Things that are part of our daily routine, our day-to-day or family life.

  • Saving for the unexpected, for things you never imagined but that never wait.
  • Saving for your plans: education, improving your quality of life, retirement...

Most importantly and first of all.

This page offers tips, services, approaches and tools that will help you with your savings plan. Some will be really useful, others less so. But there are three things you should consider:

Set a budget

The main thing is understanding your income and your expenses. This is the only way to understand your saving capacity.

Set a goal

Find some motivation, especially at the beginning. Having a goal makes it easier to get into the habit of saving in your everyday life. Start by achieving a small amount or something that gets you excited.

Involve the whole family

We are all part of the family budget: some of us contribute, but all of us spend. Saving is a journey that you make step by step, constantly, and every bit counts, no matter how small.

Six tips, six attitudes.

Look at things the same way, but from a different angle. If we stop to think for a moment, we can often change some of the habits that lead us to spending more than necessary.
  • Do you really need them?

    Cut out things you pay for or buy regularly but, let's face it, don't need. It is very common to accumulate lots of little expenses that, without realising it, add up to a sizeable amount.

  • Are you sure you want it?

    Avoid impulse buys. Stop for a few seconds and ask yourself if you really want it. Maybe you don't want it that much.

  • Isn't it too expensive?

    Reviewing your bills for things like utilities can give you some
    surprises. We recommend comparing services. Even if it takes a bit of time, remember that everyone will notice the potential savings, every month.

  • Do you have to pay in instalments?

    Our cash flow is sometimes hit by unforeseen events and we need to postpone purchases. This is the time to think about the option of
    credit cards. In addition to being easier, they may also be cheaper.

  • A gift? Just been paid a bonus?

    We are not going to suggest you never treat yourself, of course not. But when we receive some extra money, saving some will help us with our goals and help us feel good, with the chores done.

  • Be careful about your expectations!

    Not having some reserves is as bad as trying to achieve impossible goals. The secret of saving is to get into a habit and do it without any major sacrifices. A good formula is to save around 10%-15% of your income.

Your bank can also help you. Get the most out of it.

Because we weren't going to give you so much advice without doing our part. Bankinter offers products and services that you may not be using that can help you plan and get more out of your money.

Increase your income

Whether you have a salary, are self-employed or are retired, Bankinter offers you the most profitable accounts on the market.

Get your savings moving

Stop sticking your savings under the mattress! Saving is no use if you don't put your money to work:, if you leave it idle, it will waste away.

Do it slowly, little by little

The best way to build up capital? Invest systematically, but little by little, so you don't notice it.
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And when shopping? Easy! Only buy what you need, buy better.

All the advice we can give you for saving on what you spend is based on two ideas: only buy what you really need and be a bit organised. But how? Here are some“ ”tips that are so simple you won't realise you are doing anything.

  • Get in the habit of keeping lists. You are bound to save money and something else you also value, time:
  • When you are tempted by an offer, count to 10. Then ask yourself again whether you need it. Is it something you use regularly? Or are you buying it just because it's cheap?
  • Never, never, never shop when you're hungry. If you do, you will buy more and be disorganised about it. You will fill probably fill your basket with sugary snacks and things to eat straightaway.
  • Buying unpackaged items is often an option; and it is cheaper and more ecological. You only buy what you need.
  • If you have space, set up a pantry or store cupboard. Then you can buy your everyday items when they are on sale: olive oil, coffee, nappies... Because they are everyday products, small savings on many units soon build up.
  • Try to use what you have at home before considering buying new things.
  • Think about own-brand goods. Their quality has become comparable to other brands over recent years, and they often offer great savings.

You can also use price comparison apps to compare prices in different shops. There is no need to go crazy comparing everything, but this is useful for things you buy every month or week.

And the kids? They can save too.

Not only can they, but this is something we should build into their learning as part of their education. Involve them, count on them: they are also part of the family!

  • They will learn the real value of money.
  • They will discover that things do not just appear by themselves.
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Save today for peace of mind tomorrow

We all have to face the end of our working lives, sooner or later. Thinking about saving today is also thinking about your future.

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Our FAQs section answers the questions you have trouble understanding about financial products: mortgages, loans, investment funds...

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