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Account transfer

What's the best way to help you? Making life easy.

Our account transfer service takes the headache out of switching banks. We won't only help you, we'll do it for free.

And if you have already added your accounts at other banks to our financial aggregator, it will be even easier and faster.

Not a Bankinter customer yet? Switch banks quickly with the Account Switch service; we will switch your account without asking you to go to the branch. And at no cost.

I want to switch banks I am a customer: I wish to switch my account
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Want to bring your account from another bank? Leave it to us!

Now you can do it online and for free. The best way to welcome you is to facilitate your switch to Bankinter, so if you want, we'll make all the following arrangements for you:

  • Cancel your old account and transfer the outstanding balance to your new Bankinter account.
  • Send your new bank account details to the issuers of your regular incoming transfers and direct debits: electricity, telephone, etc.
  • Set up your regular outgoing transfers.


Do I meet the requirements for a Salary Account?

Thinking about applying for a Salary Account but not sure if you meet all the requirements? We'll tell you what you need to know!
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Want to find out which account you need?

Use our bank account comparison tool to choose the best account for your needs.
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Not sure how our Salary Account yields interest?

You know the Salary Account is fee-free but you're not sure how it yields interest. We'll explain!
Salary Account yields

See Terms and conditions Terms and conditions

The Bankinter account transfer service is offered free of charge to all individual customers acting on their own personal behalf, outside of their commercial, business or professional activity. 

This service is only available for banks operating in Spain.