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European Funds FAQs

Components of the NGEU Funds: digital transformation

What does Digital Transformation mean in concrete terms?

This component includes concepts such as the Connectivity Plan, the 5G promotion strategy, the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy, the National Digital Skills Plan, the Public Administration Digitalisation Plan, the SME Digitalisation Plan and the Spain Audiovisual Hub of Europe Plan.

What amount of investment will be earmarked to Digital Transformation projects?

Up to 29% of the total. It will be the second largest in terms of amount of funds.

Examples of development areas for projects in the Digital Transformation axis:

  • Support for the innovation cycle: research centres, incremental innovation, incorporation of mature technologies in the productive fabric and disruptive innovation.
  • Modernising the R&D+i ecosystem. From the university environment and the CDTI, the network of technology parks, digital innovation hubs, regional government bodies, etc.
  • Guaranteeing the careers of researchers, the stability and conditions of highly qualified professionals and attracting talent.
  • Driving companies’ growth in disruptive technologies and innovative start-ups.
  • Fighting against depopulation, development of agriculture, environmental and digital transformation of the agri-food and fishing system.
  • Modernisation of public administrations.
  • Modernisation and digitalisation of the industrial fabric and SMEs. Recovery in tourism, boosting digital connectivity, cybersecurity and deployment of 5G.
  • National Artificial Intelligence Strategy and the National Digital Skills Plan.


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