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Who is it for?

As it is a young person's mortgage, at least one of the holders must be under 36 years old.


To buy your main home.

Until when?

We can apply these conditions if you take out your mortgage before -.
Hipoteca variable joven 90

90 variable-rate young person's mortgage

Hmm... Don't these mortgages suit you?

We thought they were the ones that would best suit you, your age and your situation, but if we didn't get it right, there are other options that come with special conditions for young people like you who are starting out. Your local branch will be happy to explain all the details. These are as follows:

Young people's fixed-rate 90 mortgage

  • Up to 90% financing
  • Maximum term: 30 years.
  • To buy your first home2.

Fixed-rate mortgage

  • The same monthly payment for the life of your mortgage.
  • Maximum term: 30 years.
  • To buy your main home.

Young mixed-rate mortgage

  • Neither fixed nor variable: A little fixed, a little variable.
  • Maximum term: 40 years.
  • To buy your first home.


If you look after the world, we will look after you.

Because if you decide to buy a house rated as energy efficient, everyone wins so we won't charge you an arrangement fee. All you need is for the valuation report, which is standard when applying for a mortgage, to indicate that your next home is energy efficient.

  • New build: energy rating A.
  • Used home: energy rating A or B.
  • Renovated home: energy rating A or B.

hipoteca vivienda eficiente

Efficient Home Mortgage: arrangement fee3


The best way to decide is to do the maths and talk to your branch.

A useful step: expenses calculator

There are inevitable expenses associated with a mortgage which you must bear in mind. Our calculator will give you an idea and help you do the maths: e.g. deed, taxes and notary fees.
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The safest step: talk to your branch

Your branch will be able to provide you with guidance and explain everything that might seem complicated when you read it here. Remember, if you're under 36 you're eligible for special mortgage terms and conditions.
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Offer valid until the amount offered (75 million euros) is reached for Variable-Rate Youth Mortgages and the Efficient Home Variable-Rate Youth Mortgage.