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Decreasing on Decease Capital Annuity

Your quality of life today, tomorrow and always.

Sometimes the best approach is to think about yourself. Decreasing on decease capital life annuity allows you to turn all your invested savings into a stable and constant income for the rest of your life.
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A fixed income for your entire life.

Enjoy a higher income

The income received is higher than with other life annuities because you can use all the capital invested.

From €30,000

The minimum amount is €30,000 as a one-time investment (premium) without any additional contributions.

Available from age 55

You can take out a decreasing capital annuity if you over 55 but under 85.

You choose how you receive the annuity

You can opt for a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual income.

Optimal fiscal treatment

Up to 92% tax exemption, depending on the age of the annuity.

For your family as well

Since this is a unit-linked insurance policy, if you die your beneficiaries will receive the amount that has not been used as income.

See Terms and conditions Terms and conditions


You can take out the product from 55 years up to 85.


The minimum amount is €30,000 in a one-time investment (premium) without any further contributions.


The income is paid out annually at least, depending on your choice, and you start to receive it the year after it is arranged.

Insurance duration

As it is a life unit-linked insurance policy, it does not have a set duration. The income is maintained over the whole life of the insured party as long as the product is maintained.

Taxation of income received

The amounts received in the form of income will be considered as income from movable capital and the tax rate will depend on the policyholder’s age at the time the policy is taken out:

55-59 years: 28%

60-65 years: 24%

66-69 years 20%

from 70 years on: 8%

Insurance policy beneficiaries

As it is an insurance policy, you can specify who you want to put down as beneficiaries. If you do not do this, the beneficiaries will be your legal heirs.


What happens when the policyholder or beneficiary of the income dies?

The difference between the premium initially paid and the gross income received shall be paid to the designated beneficiaries.

Can I redeem this type of life annuity?

You are not advised to redeem the premium/investment, as it may mean a loss against the initial premium. But you can ask to do so—redeem the whole premium/investment—after one year has passed since you opened it.

In this case, you would receive one of these amounts, whichever is lower: 
a) 99% of the death capital which applied upon redemption. 
b) The market value of the assets in your portfolio.

Can I make additional contributions after purchasing an annuity?

Life annuities do not allow you to make additional contributions to the initial investment, but you can open another life annuity.

Can I change the frequency of benefits once I am receiving them?

No. Once the contract is in force, the frequency cannot be changed.

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