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What is mortgage subrogation?

The subrogation of a mortgage consists in amending one or more of the parties to the agreement, for example if there is a change in the borrowers or a change in the financial institution or bank. There are three types:

Change of bank

This is what is known as a creditor subrogation. It consists in moving your mortgage from one bank to another. The reason is usually to improve the term, spread, etc.

Debtor subrogation

This consists in amending the parties to the mortgage but keeping it at the same bank. A common scenario for this type of subrogation is when someone buys a property and takes over the seller's mortgage.

Creditor subrogation

This consists in moving a mortgage from one bank to another, usually to improve the term, spread, etc.

Subrogation to the developer's loan

This is when the homeowners on a housing estate subrogate their mortgage to the housing developer's initial loan.


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